RSNO Alchemy works towards 20 January Concert

Peter Wiegold on

RSNO Alchemy: Happy End – Tue 20 January 2015

Kurt Weill and Bertholt Brecht are synonymous with the radical politics and cultural innovation of the Weimar Republic, most famously with their hit The Threepenny Opera and the musical Happy End. In this performance, RSNO Alchemy directed by Peter Wiegold presents brand new versions of some of Weill’s most memorable songs including Mack the Knife, The Bilbao Song, The Mandalay Song, Surabaya Johnny and the Alabama Song along with excerpts from Brecht’s touching and poignant poems. Peter Wiegold’s recompositions of Weill will accompany the poems and the performance will be presented in Alchemy’s fluid, semi-improvised style.


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