Original Voices #1 with Zena Edwards

Original Voices #3 with Howard Skempton

Original Voices #2 with Cheng Yu

“The marriage of traditional Chinese music and Notes Inegales was absolutely mesmerizing! Fantastic, beautiful, organic and inspiring.”
Audience member

“the ‘alchemy’ of sound and culture you created was a delicious one indeed!”
Audience member

Peter and Notes Inégales were joined on Thursday 26 June 2015 by Cheng Yu, an internationally renowned pipa and guqin virtuoso.

Cheng Yu was joined by Mengmeng Wu (guzheng) and Wang Xiao (erhu) plus a special appearance distinguished Chinese writer and advocate Xinran, author of the best selling China Witness – Voices From a Silent Generation and The Good Women of China : Hidden Voices. She, together with Miao Ye read from her new book, Buy me the Sky, about the one-child generation, accompanied with new pieces by Peter for the combined musicians.



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