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notes inégales was created by Peter Wiegold and David Purser, devoted equally (or unequally) to improvisation as well as written music, and to devising new work alongside composers/other artists as well as playing contemporary repertoire. notes inégales refers to the swung, jazz-like, rhythmic inflections in French baroque music.

The ensemble launched in the Purcell Room in the IF-05 festival in 2005 performing new works by John Woolrich, Tansy Davies, Morgan Hayes and Peter Wiegold’s ‘Damn Braces’ a 40’ work based on William Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’.

In November 2005 at Union Chapel, London, they launched their ‘HOT- an infernal cabaret’ created with performance poet Murray Lachlan Young. Murray, dubbed the million pound poet due to his much publicised 1997 record deal with EMI.

notes inégales’ recent concerts have been with Brew….The Miles Davis Project, at the ICA in 2008. This was the setting for 2 nights of improvised postcards by composers such as Richard Barrett, Claudia Molitor, Martin Butler and Colin Riley.

They also performed a series of events at the Kings Place Festival in 2009, including Christian Marclay’s ‘Shuffle’. Marclay photographed the appearance of musical notation in everyday places -finding examples on shop awnings, chocolate tins, T-shirts, underwear and other unexpected places. He then presented the 75 images in a box of oversized playing cards, creating a chance -based visual experience, that is also the basis for a spontaneous musical score.

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notes inégales performed a series of events at the Kings Place Festival in 2009, including Christian Marclay’s ‘Shuffle’. Marclay photographed ...
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