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Peter Wiegold leads new Academy Inégales

Institute of Composing Funding Advisory Programme

In November and December 2014 Peter headed up a 3-part funding advisory programme “So You Want To Get Funded?”  run by the Institute of Composers and Arts Council England, aimed specifically at composers, new music practitioners and potential commissioners.

A key finding from the very lively discussion at our November 2013 Arts Funding Rant is that they composers may often not know what funding is available.  This is certainly the case with Arts Council England who report receiving relatively few applications from composers or for commissions.  In an effort to rectify this Arts Council England teamed up with the Institute of Composing to provide a three-part hands-on advisory programme preparing and supporting attendees is making an ACE funding application.

Part I : Seminar – Wednesday 12 November, 7.30pm-9.30pm, Club Inégales

Primer on getting new work funded with a focus on ACE applications.  Our expert panel included:

Peter Wiegold – Director, Institute of Composing (Chair)
Ben Lane – Music Relationship Manager, Arts Council England
Richard Whitelaw – Director of Programmes, Sound and Music
Tom Betteridge – Head of Department of Arts and Humanities, Brunel University London
Adam Donen – recently ACE-funded composer

A digest of the proceedings is available to download here or via our Twitter account @IoC_Brunel.

Q&A session and invitation to create proposals for Part II

Part II : Mentoring – Saturday 29 November 10am – 12.30pm, Club Inégales

One-to-one feedback on generic (ie. not necessarily ACE-specific) draft proposals.

For those unable to be in London we provided feedback on draft proposals submitted via the IoC website.

Those with well developed proposals encouraged to apply to ACE.

Part III : ACE Surgery – Wednesday 10 December 7.30-9.30pm, Club Inégales

ACE staff gave feedback on draft ACE funding applications.


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