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Club Inégales 23 July : Maya Youssef, Cheng Yu...

Club Inégales Spring Season ‘Found in Translation’

What makes a rewarding artistic relationship? We have been exploring this at Club Inégales in over 60 concerts in four years, as we, Notes Inégales have performed with guests as diverse as Byron Wallen, Jill Kemp, Evan Parker, John Harle, Cheng Yu, Matthew Barley, Horo Horomona, through to Will Self, Benjamin Zephaniah, and members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

The goal, as we explore these translations is ‘more than the sum of the parts’ – something beyond, something unique to that night with the different forces colliding as much as fusing. And the goal is, above all, to create a musical venue that reflects the extraordinary diversity of music-making now.

These explorations are taken further in our next series ‘Found in Translation’. We will meet superb early musicians Paula Chateauneuf and Pavlo Beznosiuk (11th Feb), the liquid countertenor of Iestyn Morris (25th Feb), equally at home in early and contemporary music, the exquisite Arabic kanun of Maya Youssef (10th March) and Scotland’s leading contemporary folk fiddle player Aidan O’Rourke (24th March), of Lau.

And.. to push the boundaries further our resident 12 member Academy Inégales will work with the innovative organisations Modern Poetry in Translation and The House of Illustration looking to what makes a truly authentic relation between image, word and sound (17th March).

Club Inégales, right at Euston is a most happy place to have our artistic home, and we are especially proud of our audience, because, in our intimate basement bar, we know the listening will always be fantastic, once described as ‘almost reverent’, whether to a breath of a clarinet sound as it connects to an illustrators image or to a passionate Arabic melody spontaneously decorated.

The unique inégales/unequal formula at the club is, set one: resident band Notes Inégales. set two: the guest presents their own work. set three: they join us – to see what we can find in translation right there between resonating – or colliding worlds.

We also look forward, on Wednesday 9th March, to an Institute of Composing ‘Rants’ evening with leading practitioners talking about translation between worlds.

Here’s our recent appearance on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune where you can hear three pieces and hear us talk more about our work –…

Please do join us for Found in Translation – more info here.

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