Original Voices #1 with Zena Edwards

Review: ALCHEMY Ancient Voices, New Voices

ALCHEMY: Ancient Voices – New Voices

Friday 31st October, 2015 : 7.30PM
New Auditorium, RSNO Centre, Glasgow

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The theme of this concert is ‘Living Waters’, each piece reflecting an aspect of water. We began with Aidan O‘Rourke’s Cape Reinga, which is inspired by the sacred place known to the Māoris as a the leaping-off place of the spirits, the place where the oceans collide off the northern tip off New Zealand.

Alchemy are the new new music ensemble in the RSNO and delighted to play for the first time in this new home. They have been formed to be a 21stC ensemble, equal able in playing contemporary scores, improvising and devising – and collaborating across boundaries, starting with our special guests tonight.

In this concert we bring some collisions and confluences of long traditions, Western classical and folk, Korean and African, and, especially, the meetings of individuals, Aidan, Hyelim, Sura and the very fine players of RSNO Alchemy.

Living Waters

part I

Calm Flow Sura Susso

Gyeongpungnyeon A Korean melody from the Pungryu ‘wind and stream’ tradition

Bridge Aidan O’Rourke

part II

Cape Reinga Aidan O’Rourke

Living Waters Peter Wiegold

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